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How to Make Money Scrapbooking


Did you know that scrapbooking apart from helping you keep your photo memoirs can, as a matter of fact, make you some handsome money? Yeah; you read it right, making money out of scrapbooking. That is very possible especially given the fact that scrapbooking has of late gained a lot of following from around the world. scrapbooking, which is a way of preserving your photos and memoirs as well as many other things in the most decorated manner possible, has managed to capture the hearts of millions of people nowadays and that is the potential that you can actually tap and make money.

However, when scrapbooking for money, you must be a little bit more creative and have an eye for creative photo pages in order to attract many people. The page layout, in particular, has to be outstanding. In order to achieve that, you will certainly need to have the kind of mind that can literally make any photo stand out. That way, you will, beyond any reasonable doubt attract the attention of people who will want your creative scrapbooking services. They can be people from your community or better still those you meet online on various platforms.

But, if you really are determined to turn your scrapbooking talent into income generating, you will first need to establish the means that you will use to constantly keep in touch with your clients. Being in constant communication with your clients will definitely help you understand better or even get the photos or ideas that they may want to reflect in their scrapbooks, how they may want the layout look like and guide you as far as delivery of the scrapbook is concerned.

At the end of the day, your skills and the kind work that you give your clients will go a long way in determining the much that you will get. However, it is important that you remain competitive with other professionals who are in this scrapbooking field. Therefore, before charging your clients, do your research first to tell how much your competitors charge for the same work. You can get this info either in local classifieds or even in online scrapbooking platforms. That will give you a clear idea of how much you will need to charge too. But remember, for you to stand out and make money from scrapbooking, you must be absolutely creative and give a work like no other.


Best Scrapbooking Strategies

Scrapbooking is a method of preserving personal and family history in form of a scrapbook which includes printed media; photographs and artwork. Scrapbooks are often decorated with pictures and art.


One may find it hard to choose the right materials to put in a scrapbook .one method of making such decision is by identifying something that has impressed you positively for example if an advertisement has made you to buy something tis might help you form the first idea of what to put in your scrapbook

One may also scan pictures from your favorite magazine then stick them to the scrapbook  or you can just carefully tear them and then stick them to the scrapbook .this is agreat idea for scrapbooking especially if you want to look creative and  fun .particularly one can write note about what you like about each one of them and this can help you narrow down to a few  since one may have many ideas tochoose from and also helps you in easily identifying and giving attention to thing that you really like

You can also use storyboarding technique .the idea is to start each scene by drawing it on paper .you can have a notebook with photos that you will eventually put in the scrapbookand make notes for each photo which will include names dates places then you will have a good blueprint for your scrapbook .the important thing to observe about storyboarding is the 5W’s who,what,when,whereand why which will help you to remember andaids you to fix it in your mind and form future idea

The other method  is by using your hobbies .you may take photos while engaging in your favorite activity which may be a good ideas for creating one’s scrapbook also one can also use his/her favorite poems and put them in the scrapbook

Another strategythat can be used especially when making family scrapbooks is by involving  other family members everyone can choose their favorite from materials like family photos  ,postcard  and use them ,this is great since one may be in a dilemma while choosing the materials

One may also keep a personal collection from postcards and that are sent from love ones who maybe  travelling  and then use such materials to help In making scrapbook also borrowing is not bad at all

Scrapbooking is a fun way of preserving personal and family memories and should not be a dilemma but rather be made fun!

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How to Start Scrapbooking: 6 Simple Steps

It may sound more of a cliché but they say that “pictures say a thousand words” and, there are certainly some truth to that. You will particular see the truth of this saying if, in any case, you had a chance to have a look at a scrapbook.

Wondering what a scrapbook is? Well; a scrapbook is well decorated and kept photo album that is, in most cases, used to preserve lots of stories that are behind those particular photos. That is professionally called journaling. But scrapbooks are not limited to photos only. No. they can as well hold memorabilia such as certificates, tickets, letters to mention but a few. Mostly, many families are fond of creating a scrapbook for each and every member in that particular family, an act that is fast gaining a lot of popularity.

So, how do you create a scrapbook? It is simple. You only need to observe the following easy steps that have also been briefly discussed.

  1. Collect all the must have items for scrapbooking. There are certain items that you cannot create a scrapbook without. They include memorabilia or photos, lignin free album, photo-safe adhesive, black-ink pen, page protectors and last but certainly not least scissors.
  2. Once you have successfully collected the above stated must have scrapbooking items, the next step will be organizing your memoirs and photos alike. Here, you can choose to arrange them chronologically, by theme or by just any other method that you deem fit for your scrapbook.
  3. On the other hand, once you have sorted your memoirs and photos that will go into your scrapbook, you will now need to plan how your pages will look like. The simplest way to approach this is by first placing your photos or memoirs on the page and then move them according to your desire until you get the layout that you want for your scrapbook.
  4. Upon getting the desired layout, you will now have to use the photo-safe adhesive as well as glue in order to stick your photos on the pages.
  5. After that, you will also have to write something short about your photos. This is known as journaling.
  6. Once you are done journaling your photos, just glue them and then slide the page protector and you will be done with your scrapbooking.

Anybody can do scrapbook provided you observe the mentioned instructions step by step. It is that simple!


Creating a scrapbook is an ideal way of storing memories with the use of photos and various types of media with loved ones and those in your everyday life. When you want to remember the journey of your startup business and you want to do so in a fun and entertaining manner, consider scrapbooking. Creating a scrapbook for the journey of creating and launching your very own start up is a way for you to showcase when you had a better hair day or when you were working hours on end to complete a project in the works.

Devise a Layout in Your Mind:

Before you begin shopping around for the supplies and decor you want to implement into your start up scrapbook, consider the type of theme and layout you want to use to showcase the journey you have taken so far. When you have a layout of how you want to present your scrapbook, it is much easier to begin shopping for the right supplies without overspending or purchasing the wrong type of stickers or paper.

Get Inspiration:

Finding scrapbooking ideas has never been easier than with the use of magazines and online communities, accessible right from your own home online or mobile phone. Gathering inspiration can help to boost you in the right direction when selecting themes for each page of your scrapbook and how you want to tell your own story as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Write Your Story’s Chapters Chronologically:

Before you begin laying out any information into the scrapbook you are creating to remember your start up journey, write chapter titles and page titles down chronologically to help with getting your own thoughts in order. Having your story down chronologically is a way for you to ensure you do not miss any special updates or events you want to ensure you place in your scrapbook before you begin.

Write down major events that occurred while managing to build your start up to get a better idea of various items to focus on for each one of the pages you want to add into the scrapbook itself. The more items you are capable of listing, the easier it is to begin shopping for the most relevant and unique scrapbook materials that work well with the type of story or message you want to share in the book.

Consider the Type of Paper and Decor You Want to Use:

Whenever you are making a new scrapbook, you have thousands of sticker and scrapbooking supplies to choose from, whether you are highlighting an event you have attended or celebrating an award you have received. Be sure to compare scrapbook supplies for businesses and office-related decorations both locally and online to help with getting the best deals and having the most variety when seeking a larger selection.

Whether you are running a hair product business like many businesses online that review the best curling wands, or if you are selling food and other local services, creating a scrapbook to better remember your journey and the process it required is a great way to reminisce in the future. Getting creative when making your own scrapbook to remember the journey of your start up is also a way for you to inspire others to work towards achieving any goals and dreams they have set in mind for themselves.

For a great video on scrap booking your start-up, check out the video below.